Property Management Sydney

Property Management is our speciality and our clients are our number one priority.

We offer superior customer service and specialised property management for a small number of clients

We’re not attached to a traditional real estate company that adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We customise a property management package that suits your individual requirements.


We are passionate, pride ourselves in customer service and ensure an efficient response to your needs, regardless of the method of communication. Our role is to make your property a stress free asset. We achieve this by establishing good relationships with both our landlords and tenants and by offering professional advice on every facet of the real estate industry.

Screening for quality tenants in the quickest amount of time

After a comprehensive screening process, we secure tenants and prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement on your behalf which is customised to you and according to your property. A very detailed ingoing condition report is completed along with masses of photos which clearly state the condition the property is in. This is dated, signed and provided to your tenant/s at the commencement of the tenancy and is referred to at the end of the agreement.

Detailed property inspections

Every detail of your property needs to be properly documented, so that you as the landlord, are protected should any damage occur. We conduct our inspections within the first 3 months of the tenant moving in and bi-annually thereafter. You will receive a comprehensive report which will outline the condition of the property together with a proposed action plan. A video property inspection can be provided upon request.

We maximise your rental returns

As soon as a suitable tenant has been placed, we will record your property on 6 monthly or 12 monthly rent reviews depending on the lease term. We will contact you 60 days prior to the fixed term lease expiry date, provide you with a market update and renew your rent accordingly.

Minimise vacancy

Our property manager will contact you prior to your fixed term lease expiry. We will seek your instructions on renewing the Tenancy Agreement. As a result, your tenant will be secured in the property for longer periods of time.

Zero tolerance on rental arrears

Exclusive Property Group maintains a zero tolerance rent arrears policy. We expect all our tenants to make their rental payments a priority. At the time of signing the lease, we have a tenant induction appointment, explaining the terms and conditions of the lease.

Repairs and maintenance

We listen to how you would like us to manage your property and arrange maintenance accordingly. We only use qualified and experienced tradespeople with appropriate licences and insurance cover. This guarantees all work is cost-effective and carried out to a high standard, on time, every time.


Exclusive Property Group save you time and inconvenience by paying expenses on yoru behalf. These expenses will be deducted from your monthly income and include:

  • Water rates
  • Council rates
  • Strata Levies
  • Insurance premiums
  • Any other property related charges

Single point of contact

Liza Baghdassarian, Managing Director of Exclusive Property Group, will be your single point of contact. Her focus is to ensure that she builds a strong relationship with her clients and she does this by listening to each of her clients requirements and tailoring her service accordingly. We understand that every client has different goals and we will therefore agree on an individualised custom action plan to suit our clients.

If you would like to get the most out of your investment, please call Liza Baghdassarian and she will provide you with tips that will get you there!

For more information about our customised property services, please contact us at our North Shore office in Sydney on (02) 9199 7501

We manage properties in Sydney's North Shore

Meet Liza Freitas - Your Property Specialist

Liza Freitas, Managing Director of Exclusive Property Group, has extensive experience in property, specifically in residential property sales and property management.

Liza began her career working alongside some of Sydney’s leading property agents. And it is this unique mentoring, from successful and well known property specialists, that helped enhance Liza’s professional instincts and facilitated the development of her extensive knowledge and understanding of the property market.

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