Do you need a property stylist before marketing your home for sale?

Do you need a property stylist before marketing your home for sale?

Property styling is not about remodelling your home, it’s about increasing the value to your home by maximising its potential.

Many people ask me how the property should be presented for purpose of selling. It is essential to style the property to suit the purchaser’s perception. We often think that our own taste is the best, but unfortunately this is often not the case.

A first impression is extremely important when looking to sell your property. Property stylists are specialised in looking at your home from the buyer’s perspective and converting your property into an appealing haven. They will take advantage of the home’s natural light, surrounding environment and the detail, to create the ‘wow’ factor.

For those of you who are looking to sell or rent your property, we all have the one goal. We aim to achieve the highest possible value. As a rule of thumb, generating a desirable and functional space which matches your property to the surrounding neighbourhood and market will help accomplish this.

Expert property staging has become a crucial ingredient in achieving a successful sale. Properties need to be presented beautifully in order to attract the right amount of buyers and achieve the best possible price.

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Liza began her career working alongside some of Sydney’s leading property agents. And it is this unique mentoring, from successful and well known property specialists, that helped enhance Liza’s professional instincts and facilitated the development of her extensive knowledge and understanding of the property market.

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